Please go home! Indore firm deploys software for work-life balance – Economic Times

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Stock exchanges are reviving plans of longer trading hours for equity derivative contracts, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter. The National Stock Exchange (NSE), which is spearheading the effort, is in preliminary discussions with market participants to extend timings for stock futures and options (F&O) trading, they said.
The Centre is hopeful that at least one among the “few” semiconductor manufacturing projects it expects to approve in 2023 will commence “ground-breaking” at its manufacturing unit by the year end, a top official told ET.
With retail inflation on the rise again, packaged goods companies are pushing small packages even in urban markets across soaps, toothpaste, confectionery, coffee, soft drinks and detergents at kirana stores, modern trade and online platforms. These are already contributing 20-50% of sales, executives said.
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