Indore: New Shastri bridge will get 4 meters wider, redevelopment to cost around Rs 70 crore – Knocksense

In a spell of new information regarding the redevelopment of the nearly 70-year-old Shastri bridge in Indore, the revamped bridge will add 4 meters to its width while, increasing by two meters each on either side. The height of the renovated bridge will also be increased, which needs to be at least 6.5 meters above the railway lines. This plan is expected to bring a relief to the heavy traffic congestion that remains a constant issue here.
Construction of the new Shastri bridge will be performed under Indore Railway Station Redevelopment Project, and is expected to cost somewhere between Rs 60 crore and Rs 70 crore. The entire project, which is expected to take at least a year to be completed, will pose as a massive challenge, at least for the IMC to manage traffic while the work is done.
It is noteworthy that Indore’s Shastri bridge sees huge vehicular traffic with thousands of city folks using the bridge to commute between the Regal circle to the Kothari market in Indore. But once constructed, the wider, higher, stronger and new-look Shastri bridge will definitely ease traffic in India’s cleanest city.
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