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Top 10 Best Street Foods To Try In Indore
Updated : March 02, 2023 15:03 IST
Indore is known for its extremely unique and experimental street food. There are dishes that you would not find anywhere else in India. From bhutte ki kees to poha-jalebi, let us look at the top 10 street foods that you must try when you visit Indore
India has a lot of varieties when it comes to street food. We have different kind of cuisine for different regions in the country. There are so many dishes that despite being a foodie, you most likely have not tried more than half of the varieties. And the most important thing about tasting different kinds of food is the fact that all of them are so unique yet equally delicious. but it is also said that if you want to try the true cuisine of a place, then you have to resort to tasting the fast food of that place. The food sold by street vendors is indeed a true indicator of what the food culture of a place is like. Let us look at the street food of Indore.
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The most famous street food of Indore is definitely poha. The Indori poha is popular all over the country. It is best paired with the ultimate dessert jalebi and the combination of both make it a lip-smacking dish. Usually, you can find a who have vendor at every single corner of every street in Indore. It is sold from early morning till late in the afternoon and you can have this dish as breakfast as well as lunch. The delicious dish is topped with some crispy sev and tangy lemon.
Khopra Patties
Indore is the city of Madhya Pradesh that is known for having unique street food. The entire street food culture in the city is so amazing that they have several dishes that are only found on the streets of Indore. One such dish is the khopra patties. This dish is made by potatoes and a unique coconut filling. It is served with some chatpati chutney. Vijay Chaat House serves these unique patties. 
Dahi Bada

Sabudana Khichdi
If you think sabudana khichdi is boring and only suitable to become vrat ka khaana, then rest assured that Indore’s street food scene is definitely going to change your mind. The khichdi is super flavourful and this simple dish will impress you with how little changes can make great leaps in terms of flavour. It is topped with a variety of namkeens to make it even more tasty.
Bhutte ki Kees

You would think what is unique about this particular dish. Shikanji is available in most of north India and it is essentially a lemon drink made with some soda. But you are mistaken if you think that when you ask for shikanji add Chappan Dukan in Indore you will get your regular lemon soda. rather, this is a very heavy drink that is somewhere between a rabri and a lassi, made with thick creamy milk. A glass of Indore special shikanji is a whole meal in itself. 

Moong Bhajiya
One dish that can never lose the contest of being the best street food is fritters of any kind. Made with variety of vegetables like onions, potatoes or pulses like moong and masoor, and he has of every kind are the only thing that you need while sipping on some hot tea. Indore is very popular for its moong bhajiya. It is served with green chutney and a lot of grated radish. These are very clearly one of the major attractions for tourists and locals alike.


Parathe wali gali in North Delhi might be the most famous but our place that you’ve heard about, but if you ask any local of Indore then they have a lot of praises for Sarafa ke parathe. Aside from being one of the most popular dishes in India, parathas are filling, open to experiment and clearly – a darling of all street food lovers. So, if you ever visit Indore, do go and try the very popular sarafa ke parathe. 
These tempting options are enough to convince any real foodie to go to Indore by the next train and try all of these. The street food in the city is too good to be true and it would be a huge miss to not try them. 
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