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WATCH VIDEO | Indore Man Dies By Suicide Accusing Wife & Her Lover Of Slow Poisoning | Voice For Men India (Image: Dainik Bhaskar)
In a tragic news reported from Indore in Madhya Pradesh, a civil engineer by profession, ended his life leaving behind a suicide note, accusing his wife of infidelity.
In the note, the deceased made certain shocking revelations, which will leave you numb.
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Hitesh Pal worked as a General Manager with a private company in Indore. Pal had been married since 2008 and has one son.
Hitesh hanged himself at his home on Saturday, leaving behind a two-page suicide note, accusing his wife and her lover of harassment and conspiracy of murdering him.
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In his note, Hitesh alleged that his wife was in an illicit relationship with one Krishna Rathore. Hitesh also alleged that his wife and Rathore were threatening to kill him, after he had caught the duo red-handed. The note also read that the two were having an affair since 1-1.5 years and they also resorted to some tantric activities to keep him in control.
Hitesh further alleged that his wife had been giving many gifts to her lover, including cash, and whenever he would question her, she would term her relationship with Rathore as that of a brother. The victim also alleged, he only recently learnt that his wife had gifted a JEEP SUV to Rathore as well.
Hitesh has also named another woman named Rani Udaasi (wife’s friend) along with his wife & Rathore for giving him slow poison since a year, due to which he had become physically weak. Hitesh wrote that his postmortem report will make it clear how he was being poisoned. He has urged the police to go through the chat details of his wife and her lover to find out the truth.
Later, Hitesh thanked his Guru, his parents, brother and cousin for making him what he was. Hitesh also left a note for his son Yuvraj stating he was too young to understand what had happened, and asked him to remain with his daada-daadi (grandparents).
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According to Laxman Pal, father of Hitesh, his son’s health had gone for a toss since the past one month. Hitesh was unable to work, would constantly feel sleepy and his body had started turning black due to some chemical intake.
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Hitesh’s elder brother Rajesh said that there was ongoing tension between his brother and his wife, after the former had caught her red-handed with her paramour. Infact, Rajesh also mentioned that Hitesh’s wife had filed a fake police complaint against Hitesh after her affair came to light. She had accused him of domestic violence and calling her characterless, post which the police had summoned Hitesh for questioning. Due to this, Hitesh was under stress.
Rajesh said his brother had fixed CCTV cameras in his home and had seen Rathore coming numerous times whenever his son was at school. CCTV had also displayed visuals how Hitesh’s wife and Rathore would undertake tantric activities in their house.
Rajesh added that Rathore is himself married with two kids and had shifted in the same building as of Hitesh, couple of years ago. Publicly, Rathore would always address Hitesh’s wife as his sister.
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▪️In name of progress, Supreme Court is finishing Marriage System in India
▪️Husbands have been reduced to just financial providers
▪️Who will regulate the Judiciary? @narendramodi@AmitShah@KirenRijiju#VoiceForMen #Chandrachud pic.twitter.com/XQuTlXBaWh
— Voice For Men India (@voiceformenind) October 3, 2022

WATCH VIDEO (Credit: Dainik Bhaskar)

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WATCH VIDEO | Indore Man Dies By Suicide Accusing Wife & Her Lover Of Slow Poisoning
▪️Wife had given gifts, including JEEP SUV to lover
▪️Wife had filed domestic violence case against husband after he learned of her affair
Full article | https://t.co/IrK51rstpy#VoiceForMen pic.twitter.com/xKENNftDSl
— Voice For Men India (@voiceformenind) February 16, 2023

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