Visited this place

Visisted the place recently, its in scheme no 140, i know about the place from a long time, but finally visited them. The ambiance is really nice, it as classy and retro feel, a lot of sitting inside, some limited sitting outside, we decided to sit outside where you get get also get served from zonatello and then shifted inside so we experienced both.

I tired their pizza and honey chilly potato, salted lemonade water and cold coffee.

I liked their honey chilly potato it was tasty and crispy it was so good i ordered it twice, you can say as good as perfect. Peri. Peri fries were tasty too.

Lemonade water and cold coffee was tasty too .

Pizza was not good the sauce was bad uncooked and had its raw flavour too much… Topping was uncooked and it looked like it was made in hurry or with no preparation and the base was a little cooked and even cheese was less i couldn’t see cheese in half of the pizza

Burnt garlic noodles had no taste of garlic what so ever, they didn’t even had any taste which was biggest disappointment…

Overall Recommended experience varies from person to person